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Why did I start this blog?

Hello World, friends call me Mario.

Below: AI-generated Mario riding angry bird 😀

I have been fascinated by AI technology for some time, but what happened in the year 2022, especially at the end of the year, finally gave me the motivation to start diving even deeper into the topic. This blog is going to talk about the effective use of AI in our lives (advice and tips for you), but also is going to be my personal journal, notes to help me remember things better, and more. As my goal is to become a Machine Learning expert and build my own projects at some point in my career, this blog will be a great tool for notes as well as motivation to move forward and an accountability tool showing progress in my journey.

And yes, I am going to be using different AI tools to help in creating this blog. All types of graphics will be generated with the help of an AI, the text will be corrected by AI (English is not my native language), and I will use AI in SEO, etc. Whatever is needed. I believe we need to work hard, but smart at the same time. AI tools are helping us work smarter, do our job quicker and fix mistakes more efficiently. It is important to remember, though, that even with the tools I will use, it will still be my personal ideas and knowledge that I acquire. I believe that AI should not replace us, but rather supplement and make things better.

Let’s see how this site grows in 2023. I will do my best. AI is definitely revolutionizing lots of industries, and this is only the beginning. We have seen nothing yet.

Let’s begin the Artificial Intelligence journey together.

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